Temperature controlled fusion center with final mile distribution

Rely on NorthPoint Fresh for an abundance of fresh solutions.
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Our Difference


Our high-touch approach unleashes our innate ability to provide specialized attention. Optimizing your supply chain through the inclusion of your technology and flexible shipment scheduling.

Product Quality

Our ‘no robot’ approach guarantees product quality - eliminating the risk of bad products hitting the shelf while increasing the shelf life of your products.


We drive synergy, creating simplistic logistics solutions for your business. Our fusion center gives you the ability to purchase lower quantities and select from a wide variety of products.


When something goes wrong, you will be the first to know -there’s no need for surprises. We will come to you with a solution and keep you updated on our progress.


Rely on NorthPoint Fresh for an abundance of fresh solutions for your business.

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Put People First
We take care of each other and operate our business so that we maintain our culture of appreciation, respect, and positivity.
Take Ownership of Every Situation
We strive to admit, learn, and grow from failure and mistakes. 
Do The Right Thing Every Time
As we conduct our business, we will operate with the highest integrity and we shall strive to live the by Golden Rule.
Live Generously
Giving back is among the most important and valuable things we do. We challenge ourselves to improve the lives of everyone we meet.
Maintain Our Financial Discipline
We will focus on building our business for long term sustainability. 

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